Information for delegates and visitors

About the venue site

If you have explored the Dartington website at all you will quickly realise that this is a rural site.  Everything is reasonably self-contained and within an easy walk, although the site is hilly so if you have difficulty negotiating steep hills please allow for additional time to move around.

Estate maps


Finding us

Dartington is relatively easily reached by train or car. There are also bus routes from most major towns and cities although these can be very long and can arrive at very challenging times of night.  

By air you will likely fly into Exeter (25 miles) Bristol (100+ miles) or London (250+ miles). In all cases re recommend transferring to the train and completing your journey by rail to Totnes Station. 

If you are planning to sail there are deep water guest moorings available nearby at Salcombe and Dartmouth but you would need access to a car from either of those places to commute to Dartington.

Read full details about travel arrangements 



If you are staying on site please report first to Guest Reception (follow signs). There is a luggage drop-off point near to main reception if you are driving but this area is limited to 15 minutes. At check-in you will be able to give your vehicle registration details to be given free parking, if required.

Guest Reception is nominally open 24 hours but ay around midnight you will have to ring a bell in order to summon help. Someone will however come and let you in, If you are intending to arrive outside 08.00 to 23.00 we advise you to contact Guest Services and let them know your approximate arrival time.

If you are staying offsite please come first to Conference Reception which can be found either at Dartington Space or the Great Hall (follow signs and check the programme for details).

If you are arriving by taxi most will know where these places are. Ask either for Guest Reception or Dartington Space.



If you are staying on site you can give your vehicle registration at check-in to be given free parking in any of the main car parks.  

If you are staying offsite there is a daily charge for parking of £6.00.  

If you have a blue badge or require special access there are a very limited number of reserved parking bays near to both sites. Please contact us or ask at Guest Reception for details.


Electric vehicles

The main car park has four charging points reserved for electric and hybrid vehicles. Please note that these are not free spaces although the charging facility is provided free of charge.


Distance between spaces / physical layout

In order for you to allow time to arrive on time at your space, this is a guide to the walking distance between the various spaces. Studio 1, Studio 3, Studio 5 and the Garden Room are all in the same building and are less than two minutes apart from one another.  The Great Hall is in the main courtyard area and is a 5-minute walk across lawned areas or 7-8 minutes by paved road. Pretty much everything else is also within a maximum of 10 minutes walking time. If you have difficulty walking up steep hills, allow a little additional time.

Estate maps


Weather / What to bring

As we have said previously, Dartington is a rural and hilly site.

The British summer is notoriously variable. Midsummer can be glorious and warm or it can be cold, wet and windy. The temperature rarely gets about 25°C (77°F) vat could be as chilly as 12°C (54°F) at night. You may on occasion be walking on grass or in woodland (particularly if you are doing an outdoor workshop).

We therefore recommend you bring:

  • good shoes
  • some warm clothing and plenty of layers
  • a torch/flashlight



There is guest wifi internet available throughout the site. It is a little slow but fine for most things. You will need to create a guest logon when you arrive. If you are staying on site ask at reception for a logon code; or you can also ask at Conference Reception.



There are various ways to access information if you are lost:  

Find someone wearing one of these badges. The should be able to help you.

Find the Visitor Reception in the main archway entrance to the Courtyard. This area is directly opposite the main (lower) car parks.

Find Guest Reception in the Courtyard (follow signs).

Keep looking and you should find one of the many signs that will be dotted around the estate and which will hopefully get you back on track.

Telephone +44 7968 208583. Someone may or may not be able to answer it!

About the spaces

Estate maps

Studio 1 and the Great Hall (see below) are our main convening hall. Studio 1 is a black box theatre with pull-out seating that can seat up to 160. 

Studio 3 is our screening room which will be showing a rotating film programme.

Studio 6 is a dance studio. It is also reconfigurable and adaptable. There is one wall of windows in the space meaning that natural light is available. We may block off some of the windows depending on well the projector performs on any given day (amount of sunshine, etc.)

Conference HQ  is in the entrance to the studio complex where the other studios are located. There will be plenty of signage to direct you there. On Wednesday there will also be a reception desk at the Great Hall.

The Great Hall is separate from this studio complex – a short walk away. The Great Hall is the 15thC centrepiece of Dartington’s medieval buildings and sits within the main courtyard where the hotel rooms are also sited. It is a more challenging space for summertime events because projections can sometimes be hard to see. We try not to programme speakers whose work might involve particularly subtly imagery that would get lost in this space. Otherwise, it’s a glorious space. There is wheelchair access but you will need to coordinate with us so that we can show you the access point.


Any questions?

If you have any questions please contact us on We are a small team so please forgive us if there is a delay in responding.

If you really need to speak with someone you can phone us on 0845 862 1830 (from abroad +44 7968 208583).