Evolving the Forest • Festival 2022

Evolving the Forest • Festival 2022

October 28-30 2022 • Dartington, UK and online

Evolving the Forest is back in its third iteration exploring the connection of people, environment and trees. In October 2022 we are running a three day international film festival exploring how art, science, policy and philosophy can connect us to the earth’s treescapes. A juried selection of shorts and feature-length films, interviews with film-makers and creative workshops.

Over three afternoons and evenings this programme will be screened to a live audience in South Devon and will also be made available on-line together with live interviews with makers.  The Festival is offering two prizes, one for best independent film and one for best student-produced film.  Films can be of any length and style, cover any aspect of trees and landscapes, and can be made by creative teams as well as individual film-makers.

The workshops will vary from in-depth professional workshops to family-focused shorter workshops. We think there will be a day workshop on Friday October 28 with family workshops on Saturday October 29 and Sunday October 30.

In May we will publish the full programme at evolvingtheforest.uk. You will be able to register to attend in person or on-line; if you would like to receive updates by email please register your interest now. The online space will be more than just a collection of films to watch; we will create an interactive space to open up the conversation about how we live with trees and forests.

A bit of background…

Evolving the forest began life in 2019 with a major symposium that let the often polarised worlds of arts, science, politics and philosophy of trees come together.  With over 80 speakers and 250 attendees is broke boundaries and was a unique event in the world of trees and forests.  It was followed in 2020 by a book with as wide a range of contributions. art.earth, The Royal Forestry Society and Timber Strategies have come together again to explore the internationally evolving world of trees through the medium of film.

And while we’re on the subject, there are just a very small number of the extraordinary 442 page book Evolving the Forest. As the ‘proper’ books are almost gone we have now made the publication available as an eBook. This is of course significantly cheaper but not as sumptuous in the hands.


About the Organisers

art.earth grew out of the Language, Landscape & the Sublime symposium which took place in June 2016 at Dartington Hall and Sharpham House. Primarily we think of art.earth as a space for thought, for making, for collaboration and for conversation. 

art.earth celebrates and supports artists who look outward. This might mean quite explicitly talking about environmental or ecological issues, or it might mean a much broader sense of the ecological: something that is open, enquiring, caring, and considerate of the world (people and places) it inhabits. To do this we hold events (informal and otherwise), we nurture ideas and sometimes careers, we curate exhibitions and we disseminate knowledge.

This breadth is important – an ecological impetus; an embracing of the ecological thought (after Morton). 

This work focusses on how we live on the planet and on art as a practice of being present and being here. Based on the Dartington estate, we are a centre for learning and creation, each year attracting some of the most enquiring minds and some of the most creative people from across the world to come and spend time finding new energy and knowledge.

Another small but beautiful and energetic organisation, Timber Strategies came to life in 2014 following 15 years experience working for others on their timber product development; R&D and growing timber for quality and sustainability.

We are timber specialists bringing an innovative approach to growing and using timber.  With a focus on the future we advise clients on timber grading & quality; we undertake timber research & product development; work on new approaches to agroforestry, urban forestry and landscape scale forestry.

Forestry and timber have become increasingly vital sectors for sustainable environmental protection, climate mitigation and material provision.  We work with clients wanting to push the boundaries of what forestry and timber can do, innovating towards a healthy, vibrant, renewable sector.