AV equipment, etc.

About the spaces

Studio 1 is our main convening hall. It is a black box theatre with pull-out seating that can seat up to 160. This is the space used for all plenary sessions apart from on Wednesday June 19 when we are in the medieval Great Hall at Dartington. 

Studio 3 was designed as a music studio and has wooden panelling throughout. There is a soft acoustic in the space which is adaptable with non-fixed seating. This is a good space to reconfigure quickly for group breakouts, etc. It has no natural light.

Studio 6 is a dance studio. Similar to Studio 3 it is also easily reconfigurable and adaptable. There is one wall of windows in the space meaning that natural light is available. We may block off some of the windows depending on well the projector performs on any given day (amount of sunshine, etc.)

Conference HQ  is in the entrance to the studio complex where the other studios are located. There will be plenty of signage to direct you there.


A/V equipment, etc.

Each of the studios is equipped with a computer and projector and with sound equipment. Normally a microphone is not required in Studios 3 and 6 but we will have one available if you feel you need it.

Please bring your presentation on a USB stick either as a PowerPoint or using Keynote (Apple Mac only).  If you are showing video as part of your presentation the best solution is to embed it in your PowerPoint / Keynote presentation. If that’s not possible please make sure the video is also on the stick. 

Please arrive for your session fifteen minutes early (a session is a group of three presentations). This will allow time for you to load your presentation on to the main computer – there will be someone there to help you. Please don’t plan to use your own laptop or tablet as this slows things down considerably.

The internet connection is not hugely reliable, particularly for streaming video. Please don’t rely on showing video content live from the internet during your presentation.



There is guest wifi internet available throughout the site. It is a little slow but fine for most things. You will need to create a guest logon when you arrive. If you are staying on site ask at reception for a logon code; or you can also ask at Conference Reception.


Any questions?

If you have any questions please contact us on events@artdotearth.org. We are a small team so please forgive us if there is a delay in responding.

If it’s an emergency you can phone us on +44 7968208583.