Film programme

The film programme runs throughout the event. We have selected films from a long list of entries, and they represent many different aspects of film-making and many different stories about trees and woodland.

The programme (not necessarily in the order):

  • Amber Agha: Playground
  • Jess Allen: Cacophonous Silence (the sound of falling wildly) (8:02)
  • Annette Arlander: Sunday with a Pine / Walking in Nid (8:12)
  • Veronica Castro: Portrait with a Shunu (kapok tree)
  • Nitin Das: Healing Forests (documentary)
  • Rebekah Dean: To my dear daugher
  • Hannah Durham: Fifty years of working with Timber
  • Evgenia Emets: Eternal Forest
  • Mark Harvey: Wattle Wrestle I and II (22:00)
  • Iyamari: Telescore  (13:27)
  • Beatrice Jarvis: the city is a tree (24:00)
  • Adrian Newton (Common Ground: Increasing awareness of forest collapse through science and art
  • Cherie Sampson: Eudaimonia (Flourishing) (15:40)
  • Kevin Stannard: Active Forests – trees and woodland for health and wellbeing
  • Lizzie Sykes: The Greeting (5:11)
  • Annie Watson: Four Heartbeats and Four Waves (7:00)
  • Flora Wiegmann: Reduction Burn (8:00)
  • Michael Krawczyk & Guilia Lepori: Living with/for a forestry ecosystem (1:10:00)
  • Roy and Kathryn Nelson: Forest Glade