Film programme

The film programme runs throughout the event. We have selected films from a long list of entries, and they represent many different aspects of film-making and many different stories about trees and woodland.

The programme (not necessarily in the order):

  • Amber Agha: Playground
  • Jess Allen: Cacophonous Silence (the sound of falling wildly) (8:02)
  • Annette Arlander: Sunday with a Pine / Walking in Nid (8:12)
  • Veronica Castro: Portrait with a Shunu (kapok tree)
  • Nitin Das: Healing Forests (documentary)
  • Rebekah Dean: To my dear daugher
  • Hannah Durham: Fifty years of working with Timber
  • Evgenia Emets: Eternal Forest
  • Mark Harvey: Wattle Wrestle I and II (22:00)
  • Iyamari: Telescore  (13:27)
  • Beatrice Jarvis: the city is a tree (24:00)
  • Adrian Newton (Common Ground: Increasing awareness of forest collapse through science and art
  • Cherie Sampson: Uphold (from below) (15:40)
  • Kevin Stannard: Active Forests – trees and woodland for health and wellbeing
  • Lizzie Sykes: The Greeting (5:11)
  • Annie Watson: Four Heartbeats and Four Waves (7:00)
  • Flora Wiegmann: Reduction Burn (8:00)
  • Michal Krawczyk & Giulia Lepori: Yuyos (1:10:00)
  • Roy and Kathryn Nelson: Forest Glade


David Clarke has produced an audio soundscape that you can listen to at any time between now and the end of the festival.  To listen, follow the link to the podcast here:  The Duet of the SoArWing (12:00)