i-Tree and its Benefits
Seminar Series No. 68

7th November 2018, 9:30am-4:30pm
The day will be free of charge, with breakfast and lunch included. Places are limited to 60, so REGISTER NOWto avoid disappointment.

Barcham Trees presents a seminar with…

Ian Rodger
Discussing the management of trees of the Royal Parks.
Jan Willem de Groot
Drawing on his experience in the Netherlands, Jan Willem de Groot will give a presentation about young tree management based on a plan, focussing on the appropriate tree management in order to allow our trees to develop into large, healthy and safe trees. This development will mean that the tree is able to provide us with the optimum ecosystem services.
Rob Scholefield – 
Discussing the Invisible Asset, the concept of using i-Tree to raise the profile of trees and ecosystem services in the Housing sector.
Dale Mortimer
This review of the i-Tree survey undertaken in the London Borough of Ealing (Summer 2017) will discuss the partnership between Trees for Cities, Treeconomics, Ealing Council, the Greater London Authority, and the Forestry Commission; the planning and execution of the project; the results and interpretation; and the positive outcomes that will be used to further enhance Ealing’s urban forest.
Richard Barnes
Speaking about the ongoing Newcastle City Council i-Tree project, why the city thought it was necessary and the anticipated results of the project. This will include what has happened so far, what is planned, and the organisation necessary both within the authority and externally within the wider community.