Information for stewards

Thank you for joining Evolving the Forest on a stewarding bursary.

We offer these bursaries in order to allow students and others will limited means and no institutional support to be full participants in these gatherings of ours. It’s really important for us to invite as wide a range of voices as possible to take part in the conversation.

So, welcome!


Stewards Briefing

You need to attend at least one Briefing meeting. There will be meetings on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday morning (and Friday if necessary). It’s essential that you attend one of these meetings before your first steward session.  Cat Radford will let you know when the meetings are happening by email when she send you your stewarding roles.


Your responsibilities

Being a steward comes with a light work load but very serious responsibilities.  We try out best to accommodate your needs – so we hope you’ll do the same for us as well.

Session stewards need to be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the session starts. Look out for people milling around the presenter desk or the front of the space as they are quite likely to be the presenters in the session. Learn who is presenting in your session and seek them out (everyone should be wearing their name badge)

Each presenter needs to load their presentation (if they have one) onto the computer and it’s your job to help them. It’s a simple as sticking a USB stick into the computer and copying the file to the relevant day’s folder. Allow the presenter to test their presentation but don’t allow them to take up too much time as others may be waiting to do the same. If you’re not comfortable with doing this, let us know. You should be doing a different job!

Otherwise your only job is to help move people out of the scape calmly if there is a fire alarm, and to be there to help people if the have questions. If you can’t help, refer them back to the conference desk.


Workshop stewards need to gather workshop participants (we’ll tell you where) and check them off against a list you’ll be given. Please don’t let people beg their way onto a workshop if they haven’t booked it – we restrict the numbers for a very good reason. You need to leave on time and head to the workshop site. You should have found out from us ahead of time where the workshop is happening and make sure you know where to go. We’ll provide you with a map. The workshop leader may well not be with you and will quite likely be waiting for you at the site. It’s also your responsibility to call for help if someone at the workshop is in distress (if you don’t have a phone, let us know) and if necessary to accompany them back to the main site. If there is a life-threatening emergency it’s your responsibility to call Dartington Security and let them know. The number is ‭07866 411244‬. Tell them where you are and what’s happening. If the situation is very urgent call 999 yourself, but then let Security know so that can meet the emergency vehicle.


Other jobs.  There are a variety of other jobs you may be asked to do. Cat Radford is managing the stewards and will be in contact.



General information

You will find general information about coming to Evolving the Forest here.

Please familiarise yourself with it and with the Dartington map as you may be asked to direct people. Get to know what is where by looking at the conference map (published soon, and in your printed programme)