nightpaddle now open for booking

Always one of the favourite events nightpaddle is now open for booking. nightpaddle takes place on Thursday June 20, approx 21.00 to 22.30. We say approximately because we don’t quite know the shape of the evening as yet (Chris Salisbury who will lead the paddle is currently in Australia with very limited internet access so we’ll just have to wait until he’s back before we can tie down the final details). It’s also approximate to take weather conditions into account. In England’s midsummer, dusks can be long and lingering, or rather more abrupt if it is raining or there is a thunderstorm in the air.

WildWise’s nightpaddle is an opportunity to spend some quiet time on the water during the crepuscular hour, as the long midsummer evening descends into night. River creatures emerge and some to investigate their strange new water companion. Canoeing is slow and contemplative, and as this takes place above the tidal weir, there is only the natural current of the Dart to contend with rather than the powerful and sometimes opposing pull of the tide.

The event is limited to 20 participants and is likely to fill quickly. There will be a steward on hand to guide you down to the river from the main conference site. No previous experience necessary. Bring sensible shoes and sufficient clothing to remain warm as the night falls. The paddle is preceded by a story-telling session by Chris Salisbury