Our sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors

All kinds of people and organisation are working together to make Evolving the Forest a reality. This is where we acknowledge them and say ‘thank you’.

About our Sponsors
Tilhill Forestry


Tilhill Forestry is the UK’s leading forestry management and timber harvesting and marketing company. We operate nationally from a network of offices across the UK.

We offer a full range of forest and woodland management services to owners, including forestry and woodland investment expertise. We supply roundwood into all major UK processors and biomass energy markets. We also apply our skills to landscaping our environment.

Our qualified and experienced managers care for your woodland or forest to get you the best possible return and access to the premium timber prices. Our unique internal interaction between our sustainable forestry and harvesting managers means we provide an unrivalled service to our customers.

Tilhill are the proud sponsors of the Tilhill Forestry Gala Dinner on June 19.

They are also sponsoring a session Wood as a material/contemporary timber-based design

Woodland Trust

In 1972 a group of friends sat round a kitchen table in Devon planning how they could protect a nearby ancient wood from a developer’s axe.

The table belonged to Ken Watkins, who together with his wife and friends founded the Woodland Trust by buying and saving that fragile, threatened woodland.

Now, more than 46 years later, we’re proud to stand up for trees everywhere as the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity.

Every year we fight to save woods under threat, campaign for better protection for ancient woodland, restore damaged woods, create havens for wildlife and plant millions of new native trees. 

The Devon woodland we first rescued has been joined by 1,000 more across the UK, all free and open to visit, and we now have more than 250,000 members united behind our cause.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we’re on our way to achieving our vision – a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.


Woodland Trust proudly sponsors the session Climate Change impacts / Resilient Landscapes