This programme is still subject to change although changes should now be minor.

Pre-conference sessions and events
These sessions and special events are not part of the main conference registration. All are limited in numbers and require separate booking. In some cases there is an extra cost to cover our expenses. See each listing for booking availability
10.00 - 15.00Legacies of innovation: Dartington and Fingle led by the Woodland Trust's Dave Rickwood
A tour of Fingle Woods with a view to its historical significance as an early 20thC experimental woodland site connected to the Dartington Experiment and a look at how the forest's re-shaping is a continuing experimentation that looks ahead to 21stC forestry and beyond. Cost includes lunch and transportation from Dartington.
[BOOK HERE] £15.00
10.30 - 13.00Forest Bathing Sessions with Nature & Wellbeing Collective BOOK HERE
An experiential workshop exploring the health and wellness benefits of forest bathing. Spending mindful time in nature can improve your life — physically, emotionally, and creatively. Three sessions will run in parallel, each with two ANFT Forest Therapy guides. Read more and BOOK HERE £35
13.30 - 15.00Tours of the Agroforestry research site on the Dartington estate with Martin Crawford
Agroforestry is the growing of both trees and agricultural / horticultural crops on the same piece of land. This tour takes you around the 24-year old 2-acre forest garden at Dartington now considered to be an archetype.
There will be an afternoon session starting at 13.30. Sorry, Fully Booked

You can purchase a copy of Martin's seminal book on Forest Gardening here.
Throughout the event
The FILM PROGRAMME runs all day Thursday and Friday in Studio 3. Read more about the film programme
An audio SOUNDSCAPE by David Clarke is available to listen to at any time by following this link Duet of the SoArWing
The Evolving the Forest EXHIBITION runs throughout the event at various sites across the estate. Parts of the exhibition remain open until the end of August.
TRADE SHOW showcasing both commercial and non-commercial projects and organisations will be open throughout the event.
Wednesday, 19 June
Great Hall (except as noted)
14.30Registration (Tea/coffee)
15.45Welcomes: Sir Harry Studholme; Rhodri Samuel; Andrew Woods, President of RFS; Jez Ralph, Timber Strategies
15.55Welcome and Housekeeping: Jez Ralph
16.00 to 17.00Keynote 1: Prof Fiona Stafford; Why Trees Matter
Tickets are available to non-delegates BOOK HERE
17.00 to 18.30White Hart Bar open for pre dinner drinks
18.30The Tilhill Forestry Gala Dinner [pre-booking essential, by Thursday June 13 (delegates only)]
20:00Presentation of the James Cup for the best article in the Quarterly Journal of Forestry 2018. Awarded to Jonathan Spencer
20.05A Marking of Centenary of Forestry Commission followed by
A Conversation with Sir Harry Studholme, Beccy Speight and Piers Taylor chaired by Prof Gabriel Hemery (Sylva Foundation).
Tickets are available to non-delegates BOOK HERE
21.45Session ends; Bar remains open until 23.00
Thursday, 20 June
THROUGHOUTThe ART EXHIBITION runs throughout the conference; the FILM PROGRAMME runs throughout Thursday and Friday.
An audio soundscape by David Clarke is available to listen to at any time by following this link Duet of the SoAring
TRADE SHOW showcasing both commercial and non-commercial projects and organisations
TimeThe Great HallStudio 1Studio 6Elsewhere
9.00Registration (Tea/coffee)
9.15PLENARY: Housekeeping
Climate change impacts (1): Resilient Landscapes
This session is sponsored by Woodland Trust
The Sublime Forest / the mythic forestMaterial: contemporary timber-based design This session sponsored by Tilhill Forestry
9.30Abi Bunker
Resilient Landscapes a Woodland Trust presentation
Clive Cazeaux
The aesthetics of the forest visual and sensory aesthetics, theorising sensory experience
Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis
From forest to last What is the role of wood in the future circular bio-based economy, and how will we need to adapt the way we build?

Dan is a featured speaker by invitation of Tihill Forestry
10.00Mark Broadmeadow
Horses for Courses: developing policy to support adaptation
how species choice, provenance choice and management systems will cope under both current and future climate scenarios.
Camilla Allen
Three Cathedrals of Trees: from allegory to architecture
exploring botanical architecture within the context of tree-like cathedrals and cathedral-like trees. Ranges from the Palatine 17thC to Milton Keynes new-town design
Cullinan Studio
What is the future of working with timber?
A roundtable conversation with audience participation with Charley Brentnall of Xylotek, Chris Marrow of Chris Marrow Forest Management, Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis of Edinburgh Napier University and Carol Costello of Cullinan Studio, chaired by Hannah Durham of Cullinan Studio.
10.30Chris Reynolds
Resilience: alternative species for resilient forests
increasing species diversity for future resilience
Tilla Brading
Unfurling the Forest: trees in contemporary art, poetry and performance
A review of artistic responses to the forest
11.00BREAK (Tea/coffee)
Urban ForestryClimate change impacts (2): Working the LandLandscape / Responses to LandscapeWorkshops 1-4
(all run 11.45-13.15)
NOTE all workshops are limited to 10 participants
11.45Beatrice Jarvis
The city is a tree: the oldest forest of a new town. Urban forests as platform for somatic experiences in the city Through the lens of her father Dr Robert Jarvis (part of the original planning team for Milton Keynes), investigates how the first forest plantation of the city embodies key ideas of urban planning. It compares the expectations for the city and the lived experience.
Keith Kirby
Evolution or Revolution for Future Forestry
Re-planting for climate change
Adri Schokker and T S Anna
The Forest: inside the virtual forest outlining a new approach to mapping the forest using an artist-designed hand-held 3D 'forest scanner'.
Mick Bracken and Harriet Bell
Pioneering Agro-forestry at Dartington a tour of a sites on the Dartington estate working in collaboration with the Woodland Trust
Sorry, fully booked

12.15Tree Urbanistas: the urban forest at the heart of 22nd Century living 
a roundtable and whole group discussion exploring the proposal that by 2118, as climate change has ravaged urban existence, urban areas only function with trees and nature at the heart of the economy. We will explore this considering productivity, health, welcome and values. With Jane Hull, Principal Adviser Social Forestry, Forestry Commission
Jude Hassall, Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, Sustainable Development - Greater London Authority
 Prof Alan Simson, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Forestry, Leeds Beckett University
 Helen Davies, Postgraduate research student, Centre for Environmental Science, Southampton University 
Nick Grayson, Climate Change and Sustainability Manager Birmingham City Council and Birmingham University
Adrian Newton
Increasing awareness of forest collapse through science and art
with a focus on the communication of forest collapse through both through scientific and artistic practices
Lotte Scott
Hyle - Wood and Matter in the Avalon Marshes
an artist presentation about a long-term project exploring peat on the Somerset Levels.
Karen Price & Liz O'Brien
How to Hygge a tree
A hands-on workshop exploring techniques for using trees and woodland for positive wellbeing. Based on a programme at Westonbirt
Sorry, fully booked
12.45David Haley
Trees of Grace: the last ash and the return of the Green Dragon
Artist-led paper referencing artists working to mitigate climate change, in particular the Harrisons.
Carol Ballenger
Defining Treescapes
an artist presentation about a group looking at woods and forest, particularly at Dartington. Involves artists of various artforms as well as scientists
Paul Cookson
Traditional futures
a hands-on crafting session imagining ‘new timber products’ and talking about timber items no longer regularly produced
Sorry, fully booked
Heather Marie Wilson
Forest Bathing for Wellbeing An experiential workshop exploring the health and wellness benefits of forest bathing. How spending mindful time in nature can improve your life — physically, emotionally, and creatively. Heather weaves her personal transformation story and scientific evidence with exercises/discussion for a compelling workshop.
Sorry, fully booked
14.15The Launch of the Dartington Forest Manifesto, followed by

The Royal Forestry Society's NDG James Memorial Lecture:
Prof Kathy Willis CBE/ The framing of the UK's Forests: past, present and future.
Open to general public, non-delegates can BOOK HERE
SESSIONSThe Great HallStudio 1Studio 6Elsewhere
Forestry future / PolicyLandscapeHealth and WellbeingWorkshops 5-8
(all run 15.30-18.00)
NOTE all workshops are limited to 10 participants
15.30Myc Riggulsford
The Charter of the Forest and our common rights historical overview and social relevance of the 13thC Forest Charter
Naomi Hart
Forest Time - performative talk
a slow time in the old growth forest in NW Tasmania and conversation in general about time as a non-linear concept particularly in relationship to nature and ancient woodland
Tomas Remiarz
Forest Gardening: A new old practice to transform how we live in cities
This presentation also links to the tour of Martin Crawford's Agroforestry research site on Wednesday
Justin Carter
Blood from Stone: exploring human connections with trees through ink-making, klecksography and storytelling.
a hands-on participatory workshop creating ink from oak galls and bark
Sorry, fully booked
16.00Roderick Leslie
Transforming the Forestry Commission
historio/political overview of the first 100 years with a glimpse into the next 100 years
Jason Griffiths
Reading the Forest: insights into people-forest relationship through literary heritage
survey of our relationship to the Forest of Dean through literary writing from the 19th and 20th centuries
Raj Patel
Old Skills New Ways: Exploring creativity through using traditional skills.
Cullinan Studio in collaboration with Workshop Collaborative and Xylotech
Prototyping with Timber
an opportunity to work in a group to investigate the use of wood in lightweight structures, experimenting with different types of timber to create a timber canopy, no previous experience required.
16.30Omer Aloni
Forests, timber production and fears of deforestation at the League of Nations
Forest policy in interwar context of the new League of Nations
Stuart Mugridge
Alder Carr: a poetic exploration of a Norfolk wet woodland
a ranging exploration of Carr woodland and its very specific traits
Panel / Conversation
Inez Aponte
Inhabiting the forest a group discussion and panel presentation

The relationship between humans and forests is an ancient one. Yet in an age where forests are under threat from industrial human activity, that relationship feels broken, with the human species often seen as a plague rather than a native. This panel discussion centres on the importance of rebuilding this ancient relationship, in particular for our children and young people.

Invited guests include Roger Worthington from Forestry England, Ann-Marie Culhane, an artist who works within the natural environment in socially-inclusive ways, Mark Renouard (CEO EarthWrights), and Chris Salisbury, Director of Wildwise.
Harriet and Rob Fraser
Space for Imagining
a hands-on creative workshop in the woods
Sorry fully booked
17.00Andrew Heald
Planning the future: who, how and where. The UK’s new sustainable forests.
Afforestation as a response to climate change mitigation
Bram Arnold
Transparent Modular Specifics: eco-logical foot-printing
investigating carbon sequestration, afforestation and measuring carbon footprint
Dartington Estates team
Tours of the Dartington estate with particular attention to forestry and other innovations. Details to be announced.
Sorry, fully booked
17.30Jenny Pickerill
Forest futures: lived-in, living and live
the conflict between humans and the environment with particular reference to the Tasmanian Forest Agreement (2012)
Mandy Haggith
A-B-Tree Seeds for Creativity
a survey of a long-term project celebrating the link between writing and trees
18.00Sessions close
18.30Launch and celebration of Oliver Rackham's Ancient Woods of Helford River.
19.15Supper (buffet) [BOOKING REQUIRED]
20.30Screening of Arcadia - Barn Cinema programmed as part of the Evolving Forest Fringe. Book tickets directly from the Barn Cinema, but contact us first for a delegate discount code for tickets at £5.00 each (usual price £9.00) Soundart Radio TIMES TBC
21.15Starting around 20.30 we begin a special evening at The Nest in Dartington's North Wood - open to the public. This will include a performance of Tom Marshman's acclaimed We need to talk about Bambi (details and booking TBA), a story-telling event from Chris Salisbury (details TBA) meanders, a campfire and a bar - all set in a beautiful and magical woodland site. At around 21.45 we begin a poetry slam with a number of guest poets (details TBA).

Conference delegates do not need to book - all are welcome. Tickets will be available to the general public at a cost of £8. Booking coming soon.
21.45'Nightpaddle' a canoe paddle along the river as night falls and the night creatures emerge. nightpaddle is a bookable event with limited numbers BOOK HERE £35
22.00The bar at The Nest will remain open until about 23.00; the White Hart Bar will also be open until 23.00.
23.45Overnight sit by the River Dart [BOOKING REQUIRED]
Friday, 21 June
THROUGHOUTThe ART EXHIBITION runs throughout the conference; the FILM PROGRAMME runs throughout Thursday and Friday. An audio SOUNDSCAPE by David Clarke is available to listen to at any time by following this link Duet of the SoAring
TRADE SHOW showcasing both commercial and non-commercial projects and organisations
The Great HallStudio 1Studio 6Elsewhere
5.00Midsummer dawn silent listening / dawn chorus
9.00Registration (Tea/coffee)
9.15PLENARY: Housekeeping
Forestry FuturesValue / Natural CapitalEthics and Sentience
9.30Jez Ralph
Panel/Roundtable discussion
Timber has been of central importance in UK forest policy for much the last 100 years. Do we need to renew our focus on timber or concentrate on other priorities? If timber production isn't the primary motivation is the Forestry Act still fit for purpose?

This session will discuss the role of the public policy in setting the agenda for UK forestry for the next 100 years.

Ian Gambles, Director Forestry Commission England
Adam Milton, Carpenter Oak
Crispin Golding, Forest agent and silviculturalist
Gabriel Hemery, Director, Sylva Foundation and author of The New Sylva
Andrew Heald, Technical Director of Confederation of Forest Industries
Caroline Greenslade
Breaking down the barriers: engaging with owners to encourage greater woodland utilisation
Why is woodland managed without identifying human, structural, financial and environmental concerns? Arguments about management beyond the economic.
Simon Leadbeater Restoring the Sacred to Britain’s Woodland Groves; exploring degrees of sentience and how these affect our relationship with trees. a critical review of questions of tree sentience and how we live with trees
10.00Kate Prendergast
The cynic in the forest: challenging contemporary discourses of economic value
exploring discourses around price and value as they relate to trees and woodland
Sarah Abbott
Rethinking the forest: tree sentience, relationality, representation and environmental empathy
a consideration of trees as individual, agentic beings with sentience, intelligence, perception, and consciousness
10.30Amy Burnett
Forest capital: incentivising a transformation in capitals for net gains to trees and their environs
a critique of Forest Capital and econometrics based around natural capital
Jude Allen Talking Trees: Close Encounters of the Sylvan Kind considering the voices of trees
11.00BREAK (Tea/coffee)
Climate change impacts (3): environmental shiftsArtist presentationsValue / Natural Capital (2)Workshops 9-12
(all run 11.30-13.00)
NOTE all workshops are limited to 10 participants
11.30Nicole Manley
Artist presentation - Seeing the wood or the forest
outlines an art project based on a scientific study questioning how we manage forests in relationship to mitigating flooding
Edwina Fitzpatick
Lizzie Sykes
Douglas Barrett & Katerie Gladdys
Petra Regent
Stacey Righton
Cherie Sampson (Skype at dawn from USA)
Flora Wiegmann
Huda Ismael (video presentation from Iraq)
Round table: Making nature’s values visible: can our trees and woodlands make us healthy, wealthy and wise?

a panel/roundtable with Gillian Petrokofsky, Myc Riggulsford , Prof Kathy Willis (Univ of Oxford)

A facilitated discussion on this important topic of central importance in a world where decisions concerning the public realm can be driven technocratically by notions of economics and 'value'.
Christopher Salisbury
from Wildwise: Hunting Party: a hands-on experience/workshop around foraging and cooking.
Sorry, fully booked
12.00Andreas Rutkauskas
Artist presentation - After the Fire
about fire-adapted ecosystem design in British Columbia through use of large format photography. How to live co-operatively with fire.
Christine Fentz and Inger Kaergaard
Being here: from anthropocene to biocentric participation
a mix of walking, being outdoors and workshop. Meeting and interacting with trees and other species down to microorganisms.
Sorry, fully booked
12.30Lisa Schneidau
Grief, regeneration and inspiration: stories of the Ash tree.
a storyteller’s perspective of the ash tree, the World Tree, the trickster tree; creative responses to the looming tragedy of ash dieback

Dartington Estates team
Experimental Forestry at Dartington a tour of past, present and future forestry experiments at Dartington
Book here
John Bruce
Resilience - forest planning workshop
Indoor workshop framed by a short presentation on the issues facing Thetford Forest which shows some of the techniques used to create a planning document. Followed by a hands-on workshop working as a group.
Sorry, fully booked
14.30Facilitated discussion / closing event

Saturday June 22

On Saturday June 22, the Dartington Hall Trust will run a number of forest-focused events for families and young people about the innovative work happening on the estate’s woodland.  There will be an opportunity to take a tour of the forestry and agroforestry and hear more about the future plans for forest innovation.  Full details and booking can be found here.