Roundtable: Forestry futures: policy and design


Forestry futures: policy and design

Friday June 21, 09.30 – 11.00 – 13.00 Studio 3


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Forestry futures: policy and design

Panel/Roundtable discussion

Timber has been of central importance in UK forest policy for much the last 100 years. In that time our cultural perception of the forest has changed significantly from modernist imposition of our will on the landscape in the form of plantation forestry through eco-religion and a drive to a platonic verdant ideal to a new approach of agro-ecology exemplified in continuous cover forestry.  Timber was once the material of choice, surpassed by oil-based products but now in resurgence.  Likewise our forests, once a place of fear are now a place of leisure. New science tells us that a forester’s traditional upward stare should be reversed and soil health is the key to long-term resilience.

Do we need to renew our focus on timber or concentrate on other priorities? If timber production isn’t the primary motivation is the Forestry Act still fit for purpose? Scotland has changed, does England need to.  What is the primary purpose of a forest now, what does it need to be in 100 years? This session will discuss the role of the public policy in setting the agenda for UK forestry for the next 100 years.

Ian Gambles, Director Forestry Commission England
Adam Milton, Carpenter Oak
Crispin Golding, Forest agent and silviculturalist
Gabriel Hemery, Director, Sylva Foundation and author of The New Sylva
Andrew Heald, Technical Director of Confederation of Forest Industries

This session encourages active participation; we will be recording the conversation for future publication.


Friday June 21, 09.30 – 11.00 – 13.00 Studio 3