Roundtable: Tree urbanistas


Tree Urbanistas: the urban forest at the heart of 22ndC living

Thursday June 20, 12.15 – 13.15 Studio 6


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Tree Urbanistas: the urban forest at the heart of 22ndC living

Led by Jane Hull

A roundtable discussion exploring radical design for urban spaces

How will the legend of the age of trees
Feel, when the last tree falls in England?
When the concrete spreads and the town conquers
The country’s heart; when contraceptive
Tarmac’s laid where farm has faded,
Tramline flows where slept a hamlet… (C.S Lewis, The Future of Forestry)

An invitation to debate the proposition that, by 2118, isn’t the dystopian future of Lewis, the Lorax and replicants but one where trees form an integral function of our fully urbanised societies. 2118: Climate change has kicked in with a vengeance, causing significant migrations from non-productive rural land to urban areas. Cities, previously consuming goods and services from a large hinterland, have had to become internally productive. Trees become the centre of that: contributing to the city energy balance through cooling and material provision regulating and cleaning our air and water flows, ensuring that our previously neglected urban soils function healthily. Trees have become the symbol of hope and life, as gathering spaces for community health and wellbeing, and cultural discussion. This panel discussion will debate how our cultural and physical connection to urban trees must change to avoid the dystopian future: who governs trees in urban areas? How do we need to perceive urban forestry?  How do we practically manage them? How do they become a creative force?

The session will be led by Jane Hull of the Forestry Commission with a panel of experts including Jude Hassall of the Greater London Authority, Prof. Allan Simson, professor Landscape Architecture and Urban Forestry; Helen Davies, research student at the Centre of Environmental Science; Nick Grayson, climate change manager at Birmingham City Council.


Thursday June 20, 12.15 – 13.15 Studio 6