Workshop (B): Forestry at Dartington


Forestry at Dartington

Thursday June 20, 15.30 – 18.00


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Forestry at Dartington

Jeremy Ralph / Dartington Estate Team

The workshop is aimed at anyone interested in innovation in tree-growing, woodland systems and wood products. We will tour the historical and current innovative systems on the estate including the Redwoods developed by Wilfred Hyley in the 1920s. We will go on to see the Eucalyptus and Forestry Commission trial plots finishing at Woodlands Yard to look at estate level innovation in timber processing.

During the tour the Estate Manager, John Channon and forester Mike Gardner will discuss how the estate’s woodlands must develop and become more resilient to future climate & future ecological & societal needs. We will also discuss how forestry and other land-uses are becoming increasingly integrated on the estate.

This is an opportunity for a guided visit to a number of forestry sites on the Dartington estate (transport provided)


Thursday June 20, 15.30 – 18.00