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Keynote address: Prof Fiona Stafford: Why Trees Matter

Wednesday June 19, 16:00 to 17:00 in the Great Hall at Dartington


Professor Fiona Stafford, Fellow and Tutor at Oxford’s Somerville College open proceedings on Wednesday afternoon with her reflections on why trees matter. Author of The Long, Long Life of Trees(Yale 2016), writer and presenter of the BBC Radio 3 series The Meaning of Trees, Prof. Stafford will remind us of the cultural importance of trees within literature and society from the 18thC on.

A public conversation: our trees and forests

Wednesday June 19 20.00 – 21.30, Great Hall, Dartington TQ9 6EL


A conversation between Sir Harry Studholme(Chair of the Forestry Commission), Beccy Speight(CEO of Woodland Trust) and architect and broadcaster Piers Taylor(Invisible Studio Architects) about the future of forestry in the UK, why we love trees, and how we must learn to live differently with them.

The Royal Forestry Society presents The NDG James Memorial Lecture 2019

Prof Kathy Willis CBE: The framing of the UK’s forests: past, present and future

Thursday June 20 14:15 to 15:30


Policies to manage, conserve and enhance forests have seen a dramatic shift in their framing over the past decade.  Terms such as “natural capital” and “nature’s contribution to people” are now commonly used. The focus of this framing is upon determining those aspects of forests that underpin important societal benefits. These range, for example, from identifying their role for carbon sequestration and equitable climates, to those that prevent soil erosion and reduce flood risk potential. There is also an emerging interest in the value of forests for underpinning important physical and mental well-being benefits.